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AT Medics leads in Information Sharing Agreement


Dr Ian Goodman, Chair of Hillingdon CCG, and Dr Aumran Tahir, WSIC Clinical Director, became the first GPs to sign the Information Sharing Agreement (ISA), which is a key enabler for the programme.

There has been extensive consultation in preparing this legal agreement and a suite of communication materials which will go out to all 31 partner organisations. The ISA will enable them to participate by agreeing to share data for care coordination, care planning and to develop the appropriate comissioning framework.

Dr Goodman said “It’s a major milestone to be able to present this Information Sharing Agreement to partners in primary care and across the health and social care system in North West London.”

“Establishing an integrated care records in North West London will really benefit our patients.”

“It is a major step forward in improving the quality of services and treatment especailly for those suffering from complex long term conditions”

Over the coming month, the ISA will be shared with GP and provider partners so they can gain a better understanding of it and the potential benefits the new integrated care records will bring to patients and the service users.

Events Last Week:

  • Colleagues attended a visit to Northwick Park Hospital by Earl Howe, Mininster for Quality at the Department of Health. The Minister was keen to see how integration is being progressed locally and the team were more than happy to host the visit. The minister observed first hand staff working together in Brent’s STARRS service – the borough’s rapid response, discharge support and rehabilitation service. He then joined a roundtable discussion on topics including the WSIS promgramme and the local Early Adopter project. A range of partners joined the visit, including patients, frontline staff, health and social care commissioners and providers. Members of the team who attended were Thirza Sawtell, Caroline Allnutt, Dr Ethie Kong, Sarah Mansuralli and Belinda Dooley. Speaking after the event, Ealr Howe said: “The teams presented the narrative in such a clear way that I am very grateful indeed and am fascinated by the approach taken.”
  • The Informatics team hosted the National Pioneer Informatics Group at the BDA this week. Dr Auman Tahir gave the opening remarks about the programmes development to an audiance of around 45 colleauges from the other Pioneer sites. The Event gave the opportunity to showcase the work in NWL on interoperability and information sharing. More information on the Pioneer Informatics Group is available on Icase.

In Other news:

  • The Informatics, Analytics and Payments Group discussed this week the payment model, risk and information sharing. Engagment with the EAs is underway especially around the dashboard templates that have been built and the future payment model.

Coming Up:

  • Lay Partners Advisory Group – Monday 6th October
  • Finance, Analytics and Informatics working group – Monday 6th October
  • Nuffield Evaluation steering committee – Monday 6th October
  • Analytics working group Tuesday – 7th October