Monthly Archives: April 2020

West London Group Practices May Bank Holiday Time

Please note that West London Group Practices will be open as usual on the 8th May Bank Holiday from 08:00am – 06:30pm.

West London Group Practices Timings:

Kings Road Medical Centre : 08:00am – 06:30pm

Barbly Surgery : 08:00am – 06:30pm

Cassidy Medical Centre : 08:00am – 08:00pm

Randolph Surgery : 08:00am – 06:30pm

Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre : 08:00am – 06:30pm

Randolph Surgery COVID-19 Contingency Sharing

Primary care staff across each borough will be able to access your full medical record without consent during the COVID-19 pandemic but will only do so when this is necessary to provide you with care.

They will be required to use a smartcard which confirms their identity, and which limits their access and actions to those appropriate for their role. They will all have been trained to understand their professional and legal responsibilities in providing you with care.